“You Have Breast Cancer…”

Those words strike fear in the hearts of every woman. Most of us have known someone–a friend, a family member, a co-worker, a neighbor–who has been treated for breast cancer or worse, has died from the disease.

We are told to get our annual mammogram. We have come to believe that mammograms prevent breast cancer. They do not. In fact, they are a late test, detcting a change in the tissues that has already occurred. Women place unreasonably high hopes on the ability of the technology to reduce their risk of cancer. A recent study reports that women typically overestimate the risk reduction capability of the technology by more than 100-fold. (REF: Annals of Internal Medicine. 3 April 2007.)

Is there a better way?

At 49 years of age, I am old enough to remember the slogan, “Find the cause, find the cure.” But instead of identifying the cause, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on finding the cure. We run for the cure, raise money for the cure, pray they will find the cure, wear pink ribbons for the cure. What ever happened to discovering the cause? Conventional medicine has no interest in the cause. If we identified the cause–and did something about it– we could eliminate much of cancer. The money is in the medicine, not in the cause…or the cure. 

So, is there a better way? Is there something women can do to keep from hearing, “YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER” at some point in their life? Currently, one in every eight women will be told they have breast cancer at some time in their life; it is anticipated that risk will rise to one in every 3 or 4 women; maybe even every 1 in 2 (50%).

Is there a way to detect abnormalities in the breast before they progress to cancer? ABSOLUTELY yes there is. More importantly, there is something you can do to improve the health of your breasts. That is what this blog is about. Pass the word. Stay tuned. Tell your friends about that a revolution has begun……


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