Breast self exams

Women are told to exam their breasts but rarely are the instructed on how to do it. This short video clip is a good review on the technique.

COMMENT:  For women who have lumpy or hard breasts, more training is required. Knowing how to do the exam may not be enough to identify tissue changes. But if fingers can be trained to read Braille, fingers can be trained to identify differences between normal and abnormal tissue.


At OsteoMed II, we use the Mammacare method. We have a program where women can learn how to do self-exams using this technology which I believe is the best examination method available. You can make an appointment with Sandi for training.  

Most OB/Gyn officer have breast models. Ask to practice on them. Or better, find a Mammacare specialist in your area who can teach your fingers what to feel.

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